Escrow Trading

Escrow is a third-party contractor service offered between buyer and seller in international
trade facilitating transactions between both parties, as a third-party contractor the financial
transactions are handled through us; upon receipt of payment we verify to the seller a notice to
proceed with shipment in conformance with goods requested from buyer end up to their
conditions, quality and schedules. Upon delivery of goods to destination, the buyer is given a
timeframe to examine and test products against contractual specified standards prior to release
of payments to seller. After verification and acceptance, the funds are accordingly released to
the seller.

Considered as a cash-in-advance facility reducing potential fraud for buyers, and assuring
seller’s full payments on time, Escrow solutions minimize the risk for both buyer and seller
assuring both parties contractual rights and conditions are met, as well as, ensuring parties are
in conformance on both ends of the transaction.

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